Wellness Consultation  

Initial Consult

A start back to wellness


If you are interested in discovering and addressing the root cause of your health issues and moving beyond the suppression of your symptoms this is for you. Dr. Varga is passionate about helping people rediscover their innate vitality.



to wellness


For established clients, continued visits are 30 minutes of discussion and support to assist in your healing. 



what joy!


Getting to the root of your child's illness whether it is recurrent colds or something more serious will have a profound effect on their life. Our "little ones" are the most vulnerable to environmental influences. 





A journey back to health takes commitment and effort on both your part and that of Dr. Varga. It took time for your body to get to where it is and so it takes time to heal. The 3 Steps to Healing include: 1. Identify the underlying cause 2. Eliminate or reverse what is causing damage 3. Aid the body in the healing process. Heilen is the origin of the word healing and encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. We work holistically with you to help you see "the big picture".  Everything is connected and in relationship - within our bodies and with our environment.