Dr. Laura D Varga, DAOM, Founder and Physician


This New Year brings with it a specialized focus to my work. It is to examine and shed light upon the truth of health and lack there of in our society.   

What patients are saying about Dr. Varga.

I know with all my heart that Dr. Varga has improved my daily life so much. During my time with Dr. Varga, she has helped improve my life on a daily basis. She is a very caring and thoughtful person and I hate to think about how my daily life would be without her care.” - Gina D.

She never looked at me like I’m my illness. There was no judgement and she had nothing but respect for me right from the beginning. She was willing to go above and beyond to explain things to me, to put me at ease. My family and I thank her for helping me function to the point of enjoying life again. I feel that I now have some control over what happens to me and my health and I understand my body better.” - Cheryl S.

I have been seeing Dr. Varga over the past year for chronic health issues and she has been wonderful. She is kind, professional, and an excellent doctor. I always leave an appointment feeling much better than when I arrived. I highly recommend her.” -Jolee B.

I felt more in control, happier, free of most symptoms and more confident that I could maintain a positive attitude and feel healthy. I felt more energetic and my relationships were better. If I hadn’t decided to work with Dr. Varga, I sincerely can say that I would not have progressed to being me again. She has the gift!” - Jean H.

“As a result of Dr. Varga’s treatment, I noticed relief of my anxiety, and not just relief, but more control and patience with me and my body. I felt more in tune with my body and my health. I noticed that my worry decreased as did my fear. I noticed more improvement in my overall well being. Specifically I felt healthier, my stress decreased, my sleep improved and I started focusing more on taking time for myself to enjoy life. I noticed a big shift in my diet where now I was taking time to actually eat a full meal that consisted of freshly cooked vegetables.” - Shawn M

Dr. Varga's practice philosophy and experience.

Feeling sick and tired? I know what that is like! Throughout my life, I have had varying illnesses on the autoimmune spectrum that required me to reach beyond conventional, reductionistic medicine into the world of holistic medicine to heal. From the age of 6 to 25, I had severe allergies and asthma with debilitating bronchitis each Fall. I used pharmaceuticals to mitigate my symptoms and despite seeing several allergists, eating well and exercising, I did not heal. Fortunately, I was able to recover with the help of an East Asian Medicine physician. 

I have had other conditions caused by excess inflammation. I know what it is like to have chronic and acute pain and wake up day after day feeling exhausted and achy - sort of like you have a mild flu. Before earning my clinical doctorate at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, I felt adrift and alone in my healthcare. My different practitioners didn't communicate with each other and some told me that the way the other practitioner was diagnosing and treating me was useless, detrimental or wrong. I was scared because I didn't know what to do. Tests would come back normal. Everything I read on supplements seemed confusing and overwhelming (this was despite graduating with honors from an Ivy League school - the University of Pennsylvania and working for years in clinical research!!!). I tried several different diets. Then finally after studying East Asian Medicine and later Functional Medicine, ah-hah, now I have the tools to see how its all connected and treat it!

I have an incredible love for East Asian Medicine. Over the years I learned that in our modern industrialized world, we need the help of Functional Medicine; because along with the advances of technology, we have created an environment in which we are exposed to toxins such as processed foods, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides and high potency pharmaceuticals including synthetic supplements. These all damage the body directly by their toxicity and indirectly by setting us up for excess inflammation in our bodies causing vague symptoms like fatigue and brain fog all the way to full blown autoimmune disease, allergies/asthma, cancer, and neurological disorders.

East Asian Medicine and Functional Medicine marry so well because they both: diagnose and treat the cause of your symptoms - the why you feel sick; understand the body to be a complete integrated system versus separate entities that don't communicate or affect one another; and take into account the interaction between our unique body/mind with our environment.  It takes years of training to see everything as connected in our reductionistic culture. "DAOMs gain a greater focus on critical-thinking skills with emphasis on diagnosis analysis, problem solving and decision making." - ACTCM. 

Together, we will get to the root of your symptoms/disease and intelligently explore your treatment options. I'm a bit of a nerd, so we will look at research and inquire about something that may or may not benefit you. For over 30 years, I have worked in different roles on "both sides of the fence" (East and West) helping people with their health and wellness including the unique experience of working at Duke Integrative Medicine.

I truly look forward to helping you. Cheers!